The Far-Reaching Insect Killer

The FRIK tool is set to change the lives of millions of people. The mess-free insect removal tool is going to help you get rid of the notorious bugs that have infested your couch and bed. The bitter truth is that you can also find them anywhere, including the front porches, gardens, corners of our rooms, and under our beds. Therefore you need to have this tool to keep your home free from insects.

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About the FRIK stick

It’s so amazing how the Far-Reaching Insect Killer gets rid of scary crawly creatures and at the same time keeping you far away as possible. The FRIK stick product has been made to meet the market demands by making lives of many people whose homes have creepy-crawly creatures easy. With FRIK Stick, all of your insect-related issues are solved.

What does FRIK Stick solve?

FRIK Stick is set to help you solve the following:

Keeping you far away as possible

Getting rid of insects at your home is a close encounter, but you don’t have to use your fist to kill them. So, the FRIK Stick will help you stay far away as possible when you are dealing with insects.

Minimizing mess

The FRIK Stick enables you to get rid of insects while eliminating any mess.

Sneaky-hiding places

You’ve seen how a spider dodged you when you moved a sofa or TV stand to catch one using your hand. You even had the spider scurry into the sneaky spaces of the stand. So, with the FRIK stick, the insects will have no place to hide.

How will you and the world benefit from FRIK Stick?

FRIK Stick is the free chemical bug removal solution that ensures no mess is left. The FRIK Stick is a long adjustable pole with an adhesive pad that captures any intruding insect. With its compact ball joint, the FRIK moves easily to reach any insect at any angle. Once you grab the insect, the pads will fold up to safely hold the insect for easy disposal.

Far-Reaching Insect Killer

Other things you need to know about FRIK Stick

  • Gives you mess-free bug solution
  • Any person can use it, regardless of their age.
  • FRIK Stick is articulate and can be applicable universally
  • It gives insects no places to hide as it hits those sneaky hiding places.
  • Keeps you far away as possible from the insects.

The problems FRIK Stick solves

  • Staying far away as possible when killing bugs: If you are afraid of getting too close when killing insects such as bugs, then FRIK Stick is the answer for you.
  • Sprays used to get rid of bugs are harmful to our health: The FRIK Stick has an adhesive pad that folds up to catch the insect.
  • Killing bugs can create mess and stains: You don’t have to worry about creating mess and stains since the FRIK Stick has pads that fold up to secure the insect for free disposal.
  • Insects are in easy to find areas. Insects like hiding in sneaky places which only FRIK Stick can reach.

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