What Should I Ask a Fence Contractor?

What should I ask a fence contractor? Any professional fence builder will always have a list of standard questions you need to know about when they’re preparing to build you a custom fence in Florida. These include such questions as what grade of wood will be used, how many posts will be used, and how much reinforcement is needed. Ask these questions and get the answers. When it comes to the actual job, you’ll need to have that information before construction can begin.

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What should I ask a contractor about the warranty on their work? Ask these questions too, and don’t be surprised if they answer with some variation. Most reputable contractors offer a lifetime warranty on all of their work. This warranty is usually found on the delivery invoice, so you should look for it. If there isn’t a lifetime warranty, the contractor may recommend another company. Don’t assume that just because it’s on paper that the warranty applies; read the fine print.

What should I ask a contractor about their experience with or near my project? Ask yourself this question too, and be prepared with as much information as possible. The more experienced a contractor is, the more likely it is that they’ll know the answers to your questions. A good, established company should be at least five years in business; experience is an indication of skill and quality control. Also, if a fence company has been in business for several years, it’s usually a sign that they’ve done a lot of work for people already. When you install a fence with Complete Custom Fence, you are guaranteed top-notch workmanship and expertise.

What should I ask a fence contractor about their crew and background? Again, you should ask all of this before even talking to them. Some companies may have a friendly staff and take the time to listen to your concerns and questions; others won’t. To avoid any problems later on, find out what their crew consists of and if their crew has been involved in any past complaints or accidents.

What should I ask a contractor about their warranty? Naturally, every fence company will want you to be satisfied with the job they do, but you also need to know when you can expect to receive your money back. For example, when the fence cracks, you may not get a refund. This is just a rule of thumb, of course; there are many other variables involved, but the more details you get the better prepared you will be to negotiate for a good price.

What should I ask a fence contractor about prices? You need to know the going rate for the job in question. Be careful though: many companies will offer you a fixed price for a fence, regardless of whether it’s installed properly or not. Ask around and see what other homeowners are paying for similar jobs. If a company has a reputation for offering rock bottom prices, then you may want to stay away from it.

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