Simple Ways on How You Can Child Proof Your Door Levers

Parents want to child proof their doors to prevent their kids from using the door on their own and to avoid them from getting injured. Good thing there are ways on how you can safeguard your kids from any minor accidents while at home. Here are some simple, do-it-yourself guides to baby proof your home’s door levers.


Door knob locks and covers

Use door knob locks by fitting it over your existing door lever. Depending on the product, you can easily use locks and covers to prevent your child from using the knobs, especially without your supervision. Door knobs with these locks and covers can only be opened by adults by pressing the button to turn the knob. Rest assured that your kids’ small hands won’t be able to use the door lever while it has a cover or a lock.

Door Lever Handle Locks

It will be much easier for kids to open the door if it has a door lever. They just have to use their weight to pull down the lever to enter or exit any room. Good thing door level handle locks are also available in the market to help you child proof your home. Fit the cover over the door lever and secure it with an adhesive tape. Screws can also be used for sturdier solutions. However using screws would leave holes on the door in case you no longer need the door lever locks.

Door Lock and Pinch Guard

This product leaves a small gap between the door jamb and the door itself to allow air to circulate inside the room. It can handle 40-50 pounds of weight before it becomes loose so rest assured that your kids will not be able to open the doors.

The pinch guard also helps to secure that your kids’ fingers won’t get jammed in hinged doors. This tool is made out of foam or plastic and is very reliable when it comes to stopping the doors from closing quickly. Remember that pinch guard will not totally stop the door from closing. It will only stop it from slamming shut that could be very dangerous to kids. Since your kids cannot reach the door lever, their way of stopping the door is by stopping it with their tiny fingers. With pinch guard, this scenario will less likely to happen.


Remember that these products are not intended to be used in entryway doors or back doors as it will also make it easier for burglars to break into your homes. Use it on your baby’s bedroom or in their play room for your entire household’s safety.

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