How to Make a Pool: Care for Installation and Maintenance

In this article we brought tips on how to make a pool, the care for installation and maintenance.

The pool also suffers wear and, regardless of type (masonry, fiber and vinyl), over time can present cracking, leakage and infiltration.

To avoid problems in the future, care must be taken in how to make a pool, especially at the time of construction. Furthermore, consult with pool builders Dallas TX.

How to Make a Pool

The most important of these is the proper installation of the tank.

If the terrain is unstable and not too hard, due to the movements it undergoes over the years, it may cause leakage and sinking.

In most cases, it will be necessary to remove water from the tank to make repairs. Hence you can save time and by installing an above ground pool, you can explore the bestway pool reviews to choose the best one.


Never empty the pool without professional assistance.

Because depending on the building conditions and the type of terrain, there can be irrecoverable damage to the structure, such as cracks.

If the pool is concrete and the owners want to change the coating, at the end of the service should be made a new waterproofing.

The vinyl and fiber usually come already waterproofed.

In the past, most pools were deep.

Nowadays, especially for safety reasons, the preference has been for those between 1.30 and 1.40 meters deep.

Because of this, several pools have been redone. And in these cases, the service includes the ascent of the terrain.

To avoid structural damage to the pool, it is also very important to take good care of the water.

Ideally, treat at least once a week, even in winter.

And it includes:

  • Filtration
  • Bottom aspiration
  • Cleaning of filter, edges and application of chlorine.

If left untreated, the water will become acidic and therefore corrosive. There may be the staining pool structure and metal parts and damage to grout. The recommendation is that the pH should be between 7.0 and 7.4. 

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