Essential things you must know about a Reliable Plumber

fdsA property owner, who has plans of establishing an existing building or constructing a new one would surely need professional contractors. These people will be managing all the professional necessities of such projects. For example, he will be in-charged of a team composed of experts, such as engineers, architects, plumbers and carpenters or workers, who will be of help for the future project. Therefore, it is important to know who a trustworthy contractor is in your locality.

Aside from looking for a contractor to work on your project, it is also important to know about the plumber and their field of expertise. The good thing nowadays is that contractors are also making sure that they are able to reach out to their customers. They seek help from companies to create a good advertising strategy for them like Plumber Marketing by seelutions or by simply using social media sites to promote and to connect to their customers.

You need to know your contractors because years after the project is completed, problems may arise. Therefore, you will be in need of their services again to check the plumbing system installed in the building. I know that your building or house matters a lot, so the right and trusted people must be chosen.

Some people think that they can handle the plumbing problems at home or commercial building. Well, this may be true, if you have trainings and enough experience about the job. But, remember that this task must be done right to avoid future problems. Anyway, we have here important things that you must know about plumbers.

What does a plumber do?

A plumber is an expert in the field of installation and maintenance of a residential, public or commercial buildings. This expertise includes drainage, sewage and potable drinking water lines. Most plumbers work with a team of engineers, architects and carpenters. Sometimes, they do not only work during the day because they also work overtime, especially they have a deadline to meet. It will take sweat and patience to finish the job.

This profession does not only need your physical strength and endurance because it is also vital to have enough education to be a plumber. As an expert, you will need to read blueprints or layouts and understand the specifications or requirements for the supply of water as well as the venting systems and waste disposal. Look at this page to know how a blueprint works. And then, basing from those papers, you will need to install the plumbing systems properly.

When problems like pipe leakages are encountered, a plumber will be called to inspect and diagnose the problems and provide possible and the best solutions. Therefore, it is also a must for this plumber to have a full understanding of the pipe connection. Most of all, it is very important for a plumber to ensure and follow the safety standards as well as the regulations of the building. A plumber without a certification and training may not put into practice the said regulations. So, be very cautious in choosing your contractors.

Types of Pipes


You may be needing plumbing services at home or in your commercial building. I know that you can leave everything to the plumber, but it would be great, if you can have basic knowledge on different pipes used. The PVP or Polyvinyl Chloride has been the most popular pipe used today because it is indeed, lighter than the traditional pipe used made of galvanized steel material. The link at will tell you more about where a PVC material is also seen or used.

The other type of pipe used by professionals when it comes to water supply installation is the Rigid Copper. A plumber need to cut this pipe professionally with copper cutter and should be able to solder it to the other pipes. While they also use a Flexible Copper Tubing, which is an ideal pipe used for water heaters as well as refrigerators. But, this pipe is only used indoors because it cannot withstand the extreme temperature outdoors.

When it comes to the vent and drain system, an ABS pipe is used. But, be aware that it is not already supported by today’s generation. So, better stick to PVC than the ABS. Please, be aware that PEX type of pipe is only used for water supply and is not really a professional’s choice and may be used only as a temporary pipe.

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