Why Use Cork Flooring? Here are a Few Reasons!

The Wonderful World of Cork Flooring

Residential remodeling work is always a big deal. There are so many factors to consider. Decision-making can be hard for people who are involved in home remodeling projects, whether it’s the interior designer or the homeowner. We’ve even done a survey to determine what customers prefer, because it can often be quite difficult for people to choose between suitable flooring materials. If you’re thinking about investing in cork flooring for your residence, you should first learn about all of the things that make it so great. Cork floors can open you up to a whole new universe of perks.


Cork Has an Amazing Texture

Cork is a substance that boasts an amazing texture. It, as a result, has a feel that’s great for the feet. It feels nice and smooth. It’s the polar opposite of stiff and rigid, too. If you want to walk on a floor surface that feels like no other in the best possible way, cork may be for you. Cork feels nothing like other popular flooring choices such as vinyl or wood. It’s a totally different animal and that’s one of the reasons many people love it so much.

Cork Floors Can Keep Your Feet Nice and Warm

Cork floors can be great for people who suffer from feet that perpetually feel too cold. If you’re tired of constantly having to rely on slippers and socks to maintain toasty feet, cork flooring could change your life for the better. Cork floors can remain at room temperature at all times. That’s why they’re always so delightfully warm and pleasant. Cork floors offer insulation benefits that are unequaled.

Durability and Strength

Cork floors are notably strong and durable. If you’re weary of installing a floor that’s frail and weak, you don’t have to be afraid of cork at all. It can tolerate substantial amounts of foot traffic, too. If you live in a busy home that always has lots of people walking around in it, cork floors can give you significant peace of mind. They have spongy surfaces that are excellent for extra cushioning. If you’re a fan of additional cushioning, you’ll likely prefer cork over other flooring material choices such as tile, laminate and hardwood. If you have pets, or a specific room to remodel, you can also find the best flooring as preferred by customers in our infographic survey.

These Floors Can Help Keep Nasty Mildew and Mold Away

Cork is invulnerable to the presence of invasive organisms that can cause trouble. Termites are a big example. If you want to maintain healthy and beautiful flooring that’s totally devoid of nasty mildew and mold, cork can definitely help you do so, too. Mold is a substance that can be extremely dangerous to human beings. It can frequently lead to extensive and severe respiratory difficulties. Since cork is on the hypoallergenic side, it can be beneficial for people who have persistent allergies as well. If you want to encourage optimal health and comfort in your home, going for cork flooring may just be the best idea you ever have. Cork floors can be perfect for people who want to breathe fresh and clean air at all times. Who in the world doesn’t want nonstop access to immaculate air, anyway?


Cork Floors Can Help People Feel Safer

Safety is yet another major advantage that’s frequently linked to cork floors. The substance is fire resistant. That means that it doesn’t ignite or melt unless it’s in the middle of extreme temperatures. Cork also doesn’t produce as much smoke prior to combustion. It emits significantly lower amounts of hazardous materials than vinyl as well.

Design Freedom

Cork floors can make superb choices for people who love to show off their creative sides. If you like being artistic, you’ll probably adore cork. That’s because it gives people access to so many exciting and interesting patterns and designs. You can choose plank and tile cork floors that exist in an abundance of amazing sizes, colors and styles. Cork floors because of that can blend in well in all different types of interior design schemes. If you’re trying to create a home that looks and feels modern, cutting-edge and sleek, cork floors can work like a charm. If you’re trying to create one that has a decidedly traditional and classic feel, they can work like a charm as well. Your choices in cork floors are never, ever limited in any sense.

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