How to Find Cheap Window Replacement

As you know, the cost of replacing windows can get expensive. Getting one or two windows replaced is feasible. But if you’re looking to get a couple of windows around the house replaced, you’re looking at a big sum. That’s why it makes sense to look for ways to save money on your windows. Here are some simple ways to save money.

Professional handyman installing window at home.
Professional handyman installing window at home.
  1. Go with Builder-Grade Windows

The easiest way to save money on window replacement is to go with builder-grade windows. These are the most affordable windows used for most construction projects. If money is more important than the lifespan of your windows, this is a great choice.

But don’t assume that builder-grade windows mean low-quality. These windows meet the requirements for windows. Most brands have a builder-grade window for homeowners that are looking for a simple replacement project.

With that said, some retailers may not understand what these windows are. You have to ask around and see which windows the contractors are using. Each brand may have a different label for these windows.

  1. Work with a Contractor

There is a big benefit to working with a contractor. A contractor can often get access to windows and other parts at lower rates. They may be part of a co-op that buys parts in bulk or have relationships with retailers. So if you need a contractor, you should talk to one before shopping for windows.

Get a clear estimate of how much you are paying just for the windows and parts themselves. It’s a good idea to talk to several contractors to estimate the parts and labour. You should then compare how much they’re charging for parts with the prices offered by retailers and window brands.

Man looking old window frames - construction debris
Senior men looking many different old wooden window frames of white color with glass, construction debris at home backyard
  1. Negotiate Prices

If you’re buying in bulk, there is always room for negotiation. Negotiations don’t really work with big-box retailers. That’s why you should talk to local window companies and contractors to try to get the best deal possible.

See if you can get wholesale prices for the windows. If not, see if any local companies will offer you a discount if you buy other related parts together. Talk to as many companies as possible to see which one can meet you at a satisfactory price.

You may also be able to negotiate with contractors if you need them for installation services. Try to work out good rates for either the windows themselves or the labour costs. Of course, every retailer and contractor has a limit, so you can only push so far.

  1. Go with Cheaper Materials

Are you planning to move in a few years? If so, there’s no need to purchase windows made of the best materials. An affordable choice you can go with is vinyl and fibreglass frames.

While they may not look as exquisite as other materials, they still look great and last a long time. It’s an easy, economical choice to make if you have a tight budget and need to replace multiple windows around the house.

  1. Keep It Simple

As with many home parts, keeping things simple will save you money. You may want to go with an elaborate window, but it’s going to cost you. Keeping it simple with single or double-hung windows is the most cost-efficient option.

If you want to go with expensive styles for your window replacement, you need to make a compromise somewhere. Stick to cheaper materials and brands. It won’t shave off much money, but you’ll still bring down your costs.

These are five things you can do to save money when replacing your windows. It’s going to take a decent amount of time to research, haggle, and make compromises. Take your time and go with the option that offers you quality windows at a reasonable price.

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