Is Regular Maintenance Necessary to Keep Your Garage Door Moving Smoothly?

A garage door is an important asset to your home. With regular maintenance and performance checks, it remains in the good condition and continues to work seamlessly for years to come. If you want your garage door to work smoothly for years to come, you should consider performing maintenance checks regularly.

If you have a tight schedule and can’t afford to perform maintenance yourself, hiring a professional garage door contractor is the best option for you. Always prefer working with a local contractor, as they are affordable and have full knowledge about the garage door models being used in your area. For instance, if you’re looking for garage door services in Colorado, look for someone specializing in Garage Door Colorado.

Is Regular Maintenance Necessary to Keep Your Garage Door Moving Smoothly

How to Perform Garage Door Maintenance?

Garage door maintenance involves examining all the hardware of your garage door and fixing all the loose and stiff parts. Although you can do it yourself, things can take a turn for the worse especially when it’s your first time. When you don’t have any knowledge about it, you are more likely to get hurt. You may watch tutorial videos online or read how-to articles on the internet. The following tips will help you perform garage door maintenance yourself;

Inspect all the hardware

Since a garage door has moving components, it can get loose over time. Tighten all the bolts, rollers brackets, and anything that moves continuously. Applying grease to the moving parts will also help reduce garage door noise. 

Lubricate the screw or chain

Try to regularly lubricate the screw or the chain on your opener. The market is full of lubricants available in the market. Lubrication will help make your opener’s operation quieter, smoother and extend the life of the opener and chain.

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