Best Selling Kitchenware with Cutting-edge Technology

Clay, iron, aluminum, small, large or industrial. No matter the material, the pot is always one of the essential objects in the kitchen.

The day-to-day running, for the most part, forces people to prepare the recipes quickly and for that to be possible, companies invest in research and innovation to introduce new products and show that new cookware also makes good food.


Recently arrived in market, companies are offering durable products with sophisticated design that bring practicality to the kitchen. The pans are made with five layers of metal, the latter being stainless steel, preventing debris and dirt from accumulating and causing contamination during food preparation.

The pots are sold together or separately with a 50 year warranty. As well as abroad, these best buy kitchenware are accessible by direct sales system on its website.

Duetto pans

In addition to a luxurious design, have nozzles on the sides and holes in the edges of the tempered glass lids that work as a drainer. These best selling kitchenware products have a thickness of 1.7 mm, easy-to-clean Ultrabase bottom with reinforced layers for durability and strength.

One of the highlights is the temperature indicator in the frying pans, which tells you exactly when they are ready for food preparation. Duetto pots can be purchased separately or in two sets of sets: one with five pieces and the other with seven, which includes the pressure cooker.

This professional line product offers professional technology and can be used on any type of stove. The Prometal Pro nonstick coating is crafted with noble particles, including sapphire, which makes it resistant to the use of metal utensils. The bottom of the cookware is made of stainless steel, as well as cables and handles. However, the last three are silicone coated to insulate heat and make it easier to use.

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