4 DIY Garage Door Repair Ideas

Like everything else in your home, garage doors will eventually start having problems, and you’ll have to repair the issue for safety reasons. While most people’s reaction to garage door issues is to call a professional, there are DIY options that you can take. Here are some garage door repair ideas you can try:

Opening warehouse door
Opening warehouse door
  1. Tightening Hinges, Bolts and Nuts

You should always be checking the parts of garage doors to check if they are secure. Check the bolts and nuts for the tracks and other metal parts to see if they are tight. If you see that they are loose, then it’s time to fasten it with a screwdriver or drill.

Shake at the hinges as well. You want to see that they don’t budge. If they wobble a little, you want to tighten them up to give them proper reinforcement. Over time, loose parts can result in your garage doors getting damaged. It’s also a safety hazard you should be aware of.

  1. Lubricating Garage Doors

A common problem you often deal with is loud garage doors. In the first few years, your garage doors will probably open quietly. But as time goes on, you’ll hear scraping or rattling sounds when the garage doors opens, closes, or both.

An easy DIY fix is to lubricate the moving parts. You should purchase a garage door lubricant and apply it to the metal parts and tracks. Not only is the noise from garage doors annoying, but it also creates damage to the doors. It’s a smart idea to lubricate every six months to maintain your doors.

Close up side view of garage door coiled spring
Length-wise perspective of a garage spring
  1. Change the Batteries of the Sensors and Remote

Is your garage door suddenly not opening automatically? Is the remote not responding to your commands? A simple fix to this problem is to change out your batteries. This often does the trick.

If the sensor is the problem and you’ve already changed out the batteries, take a closer look. Dirt may be covering the sensor, or the sensor may have become misaligned. Make the proper fix and try running your garage doors again.

  1. Reseal and Insulate Your Garage Doors

Are you having issues controlling the temperature inside your garage? If so, the sealing on your garage doors may be the issue. First of all, you want to check your weather seal as it may need replacement.

Weather seals keep dust, dirt, moisture and bugs out of your garage. If that doesn’t fix your temperature issue, then you may need to add insulation to your garage door. This will keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s a simple and inexpensive fix that you should be able to pull off.

 When Should You Call a Professional?

So that begs the question: when do you actually need to call a professional for garage door repair? Well, if you’ve done the basic DIY steps and other issues do not cover this list, you’ll probably need a professional.

You’ll need a professional when it comes to repairing the garage door tracks and the springs. It’s not uncommon to see issues with tracks and springs if you’ve had your garage door for a long time. You need to bring a professional in because it’s an issue of safety. You want an expert to ensure that nobody will get hurt because of faulty garage doors.

Overall, these DIY garage door repair ideas should give you a quick and easy fix for common issues you may face. There are many instructional guides and videos you can find for these quick fixes. Just don’t attempt to try to handle the repairs of moving parts yourself.

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