How To Increase Life Of Your Area Rugs?

An area rug is an essential piece of fabric that uplifts the look of your interiors. It makes your rooms look classy, neat and organized. But these beautiful area rugs need to be adequately maintained so that they don’t get covered with excessive dirt or get shredded and damaged. Area rugs are more of a onetime investment, and so proper care is required to extend their lifetime. So if you want to increase the life of your area rugs and want to see them as a brand new one every day then follow these fantastic tips.

Clean your area rugs regularly: When you get a brand new rug home, you get happy and excited by just looking at it. But you should remember that nothing remains the same if not adequately maintained. In the beginning, you do tend to clean it a few times then as days pass by; you forget to get your rugs cleaned probably due to your busy schedules. Not cleaning a carpet for a long time decreases its lifetime as dust, dirt and bacteria keep on accumulating on them. Also, due to heavy foot traffic, your rugs start to shred and eventually get damaged mainly custom area rugs with borders on outside.

As a result, you either decide to spend a considerable amount of money on getting your rug cleaned by a professional or for buying a new carpet. So instead of landing on this kind of situation, you can invest a little bit of time and effort in cleaning your rugs regularly by shaking them or vacuuming followed by a mild soap wash at least once a week. This small thing will make a huge difference and extend the life of your rugs.

custom area rugs with borders on outside

Rotate your area rugs: High foot traffic, spillage of drinks, dropping of sticky food items and excessive dirt can wear out the fabric of your carpets, thus making it look faded, dull and lifeless. Regular rotation of your rugs can help to maintain the colour and design on them. If at all you forget to rotate your rugs for a long time and notice a lot of foot impressions or slight dents then you can always sprinkle some ice-cold water or put an ice cube on those affected areas. When the water gets dried up, your rug will be patch or indentation free for sure.

Rotate your area rugs

Position your rugs accordingly: The primary purpose of the area rugs is to enhance the look of a particular room or space, but you should know that all the carpets are not designed the same way. Even though all the rugs look beautiful, they do differ in terms of functionalities. For instance, you can’t place a soft cushiony mat in the outdoors as it is purely meant for places like bedrooms, drawing rooms etc.

Similarly, you can’t put a bathroom rug in your living area as it would be way too uncomfortable. So placing a particular carpet in a wrong place will probably ruin the look as well as the fabric of your rug. So it is essential to buy area rugs according to the place where it would be lying on. This tip will make your space look classy and will prevent your carpets from damage.

Spray insecticides on your rugs now and then: You often protect your clothes from fabric eating insects like a moth. Well, these insects damage not only clothes but also area rugs. Moth’s eggs and larva gets piled up in the dark and untouched corners of your area rugs and slowly start to destroy them. Regular rotation and exposure to sunlight for a couple of times a year would prevent this enormous damage that these little and harmless insects do to your rugs. Also spraying anti-bacterial and insecticides on your rugs would keep your rugs free from insects and germs and thus increase their lifetime.

Make sure your rug comes with a rug pad: If your floors are hard surfaced ones and your rugs don’t have a rug pad underneath them then it is for sure that your rugs will wear off in no time. Rubber pads or latex pads underneath the rug are essential as it helps to maintain the soft cushiony texture of the rug as well as the overall structure of the rug. It also protects your rugs from excess moisture, accidental slips or falls, prevents insect infestation and therefore increases the life of your rugs. So whenever you buy a rug, make sure that it has a good quality non-slippery pad underneath.  

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