Differences Between Good and Great Roofing Companies

Choosing a great contractor is challenging, no matter the construction work you need completed. Finding a good or mediocre company is undoubtedly easier, but provides limited benefits and even some drawbacks. So how do you know roofing companies are great, instead of just being “good enough?” Below are the things that make a great roofing company stand out, as compared to those of lesser quality.

New roof!
Men installing a new roof on a house.

Local Connections

Choosing a local roofing contractor reduces your risk of being scammed. Sure, good companies can work within a broad market. But those with local connections maintain greater concern for their local reputation. They also employ local crews, use suppliers in your community and remain on top of the local regulations.

Manufacturer Designations

To hold and display manufacturer designations, your roofing company has passed minimum standards and requirements. For example, GAF manufacturers high-quality roofing materials. They only allow the top two percent of roofing contractors in each market to hold their designation as Master Elite® Contractors. These contractors proudly display this credential and can only do so in their local territory. Finding a company that is GAF recognized in this way almost guarantees you are working with a great roofer.

Positive BBB Ratings

The last thing you want is a fly-by-night roofer who follows major storms to get work from desperate homeowners. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) scores recognized companies according to their customer reputation. If you cannot find your potential roofer on BBB.org, consider one that is more likely to be fantastic rather than just good enough.

Warranty Offered

A good roofing company does an excellent job of installing or repairing your roof. But they may not offer an extensive warranty. If that is the case, problems discovered years from now will leave you footing the bill. Insurance does not cover workmanship problems. But a great roofer offering an extensive warranty stands by the performed work and materials, assuring you that they will cover costs if your roof has workmanship problems.

Extensive Training for Safety

Working on a roof is dangerous, both for the roofing companies and people on the ground. The last thing you want is a roofer suffering injury or causing someone else to suffer an injury on your property. A great roofing contractor is one that invests in extensive safety training for leadership and employees. Through well-established safety standards, they perform the work with a more organized and logical approach, too.

Installing new roof
Installing new roof with air gun

Pressure-Free Sales

You should never feel pressured in making your roofing decisions, choosing between roofing companies or scheduling roof work. Good roofers know this, but great roofers practice it. They never urge you to schedule service or sign an agreement before your insurance company provides a damage estimate. They also respect your preferences, budget and right to seek other quotes before making a decision.

Consultative Approach

A great roofer has experience and training to help you make the best buying decision for your home. They offer options for your project’s materials and design. After all, the type, style and colour of the roof affects your home’s resale value and curb appeal. Instead of guiding you to make cost-based decisions or exerting other bias through their position, a great roofer thoroughly explains options to you and lets you decide.

Respects Your Insurance Responsibilities

Some roofers overstep their bounds when your work involves insurance coverage. Offering to cover your deductible is fraudulent. That amount is solely the responsibility of the policyholder and is not written into a repair estimate. Also of concern is a roofer offering to handle your claim for you. Avoid even seemingly good roofing contractors who call themselves “claim specialists.” A great roofing professional respects your relationship with your insurance company and does not interfere.

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