Creative and Quality Solutions to Cover External Areas

Once completed the work or renovation of the property, creative solutions and quality to cover options are not lacking to the builders.

When selecting complementary items for the venture, it is important to exercise caution. For it is at this hour that some customers get lost in the midst of endless possibilities of combinations and details.

Zipscreens At Home

Offered by the market and that will give the “face” and the final price of your home. These complementary works represent essential improvements to the useful life and the ideal is to watch out for these details. Be within the planning of architecture, or the work can be cold and without charm. Therefore, it is increasingly frequent to install zipscreen binds in external areas already inserted in these projects.

For, in addition to protecting environments such as backyards, corridors and pool areas, they also prevent doors, windows and floors from being exposed.

Aluminum or transparent polycarbonate sheets

Since the assembly is made in modules, there is total flexibility in defining sizes. The main characteristic of the product is to protect against rain, but the brand offers the possibility of ventilation.

They can be fixed in any intermediate position. The outdoor blinds are articulated and protect the environment from excessive heat as well as from rainfall and condensation.

In addition, outdoor blinds can integrate into the environment as decoration components.

With opening of 2/3 of the total covered area, it provides for the coverage of gardens and leisure areas. Like swimming pools, they opt for this type of coverage.The plates move to the side and the sun can invade the environment.

For those who want to dispense with the use of the traditional masonry garage, the ideal solution is the blind’s roof. This cover can be installed without any hard work and in very little time. Also with options in polycarbonate or aluminum, it protects the paint of the automobile from the ultraviolet rays.

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