Types of Vacuum Cleaners: Learn How to Choose the Best One for You

The vacuum cleaner is not only a practical appliance – it is also a device that makes your home healthier. Did you know that sweeping environments with a broom raises dust and places it on furniture? In addition to not cleaning the space completely, this can cause allergies. The role of the vacuum cleaner, in addition to sucking dust, is to filter out impurities from the air, improving its quality.

Among so many models available at https://www.everythingvacuums.com/, the question is: how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for you? Check it out below for a little about each of them.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

There are models of cordless vertical vacuum cleaners that, because they have a battery, can be plugged into the outlet but work away from it.

Its broom-like vertical shape is ideal for keeping your home clean in a practical and intuitive way. Some even have a removable unit, great for cleaning, for example the car, the sofa, and bedding such as comforters and pillows.

Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The bag vacuum cleaner is recommended for those with allergies, because all the collected dirt is sealed in the container, without contact with who is using the appliance.

Bagless is practical: Just open the part where the dust is stored and throw the contents in the trash – and you don’t depend on bag refills.

In this category there are cylindrical shaped appliances, which is suitable for heavy cleaning due to its efficiency and storage capacity. Its filter holds up to 99.9% of air impurities and long range hoses and cables help sanitize even the most complicated access corners.

Water and dust cleaner

The appliance is useful not only for dust removal but also for liquid waste. Did you accidentally spill water on the carpet or sofa? No need to use multiple cloths to fix the damage: just suck up the liquid with the vacuum cleaner.

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