5 Reasons You Should Consider Tree Removal – Tree Removal Sacramento

Trees are indispensable for our environment. They provide ecological balance and are home to a number of species. However, there are situations where it becomes necessary to remove a tree. Certainly, we can plant a tree somewhere else to compensate. Tree Removal Sacramento points out the 5 situations where a tree removal might be appropriate.


  • Hazard to Life and Property

Diseased and dying trees pose a hazard to the people around them. They become fragile and may cause damage to property or threat to someone’s life. It is better to remove such trees and plant healthy ones.

  • Damage to Buildings

In many cases, trees may cause damage to buildings. Usually, large trees should be at least 20 feets from a building. However, small trees may be planted at 6 feet from the house. If a tree is too close to a building, it poses a damage risk. It is better to remove that tree and plant a tree at a proper distance.

  • New Constructions and Renovations

Many new constructions and renovations require tree removal. In such cases, the tree must be removed properly. Otherwise, the remaining trunk or the roots may cause problems in construction. Tree roots may not become dead and may weaken the structure after it has been built.

  • Storm Damage

Storms and tsunamis are very dangerous for all kind of structures including trees. Sometimes, these storms leave trees in a bad situation. These partially damaged trees may pose a risk to life and property. In such cases, it is wise to remove these trees and plant new healthy ones.

  • Trees Approaching Power Lines

Trees approaching power lines and other utility services can pose a danger to the lines as well as people. During rain, electricity can arc as much as 10 feet to wet tree.

Tree Removal Sacramento strongly recommends that you do not try to remove trees yourself especially if they are near power lines or other utility services.

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