How to Maintain Your Luxury Apartments in Chicago

Once you find the apartment of your dreams it will be necessary for you to maintain the space. There is a lot of misconceptions about apartments. Many people think that the landlord does all maintenance, and that is true on some issues. 

However, luxury apartments Chicago have several maintenance concerns you must address on a regular basis to keep the unit as nice as possible. 

Maintain Your Luxury Apartments in Chicago

Landlord Addressed Maintenance

Unless your rental agreement says otherwise your landlord will take care of the maintenance associated with some aspects of your apartment. This maintenance is usually related to the building, the heating and cooling, and to the exterior property leading to the building.

You can expect the landlord to have someone you can call if something in the apartment stops working, or something like a window is broken. They will normally have a groundskeeper that cleans the parking lot, maintains the plants and shrubs outside, and cuts the grass.

Most apartment complexes will provide extermination services to keep you from having problems with pests like roaches, or mice. Read your contract to make certain these services are included so you will know if you need to provide them yourself.

Tenant Maintenance

As a tenant, there will be some maintenance issues that are your responsibility. These will include:

  • Carpet and Floor Cleaning

You will be responsible for maintaining the carpet and flooring of the unit. It will need to be cleaned regularly, and if anything is spilled on the floor you will need to clean it up immediately.

Taking your shoes off when you enter the apartment can stop the floor coverings from being scuffed or damaged. Removing your shoes also helps to reduce the cleaning that has to be done on the carpets and floors.

  • Appliance upkeep

Your apartment may come fully furnished. If it does then the only appliance concerns you will have is keeping them clean. If the apartment does not come fully furnished you will need to buy appliances for space. You will keep the appliances clean, and you will be responsible for any repairs they may require.

You should consider keeping your appliances updated regularly. A luxury apartment requires the best appliances to maintain luxury status. You should have take some sort of permission before doing any heavy metal work like welding or drilling.

  • Door Care

The doors in the apartment are located in the doorways of the rooms, and there are doors that cover the cabinet fronts in the kitchen and sometimes the bath. You should pay attention to the doors and if they begin to stick, or they start to sag then you are responsible for telling the landlord so they can address the issue.

  • Cleaning Walls and Cabinets

You do not need to clean the walls each day. You do need to clean them on a regular basis. You can do this work for yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you.

  • Block out the Sunlight

Keep draperies or blinds over windows so you can reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that enters the unit. Ultraviolet light can cause paint, carpeting, and furniture to fade and become discolored.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a luxury apartment involves keeping the area clean and looking its best. You will also have to be sure that you call the landlord and report any possible problems as soon as you are aware of them.


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