Learning More About the Uses and Features of Plastwood Sheet

What do you know about plastwood sheet? This is a sheet material used in replacing a natural wood. What’s more, this reduces deforestation in maintaining balance and the world environment. The thing about it is that it is light in its physical property. But, its strong density or weight is flexible. It is highly emphasized for its good heat resistance and weather resistance.

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It is likable as material as used with all kinds of tools, scissors, firing, nailing, sawing, and more. This is also popular in different decorations and its thickness levels. Choose from any range of cost-effective, long life, and 1-25 millimeter plastwood sheet. It’s up to you how to make it as stylish as it is. It also works well for fence work, exterior work, partition work, ceiling work, kitchen, living room, and built-in work.


Below are so far the uses that the plastwood sheet serves.

Substitute for Wood Material

Plastwood sheet has its number one use of being a substitute for wood material. And, it doesn’t have any boundaries or whatsoever. It also does serve its versatile purposes. It is mainly suitable for both interior and exterior decoration like built-in furniture in the bathroom, kitchen, and interior decoration in the passenger cabin, airplane, bus, train, CNC stencil, oil pump dispenser, wall & ceiling, wood paneling, and many more.

Moreover, the plastwood sheet is made by pressing and foaming into shape with additives. It has its main material of a PVC resin. It covers not only the wood plastic features. It is also very light. It is easily engraved and printed on.

Different Applications

Plastwood sheet is an expanded and lightweight foam sheet for different applications that include exhibit boots, signs & displays, interior design, photo mounting, model making, prototypes, thermoforming, and many more. This is easily stamped, sawed, punched, sanded, drilled, nailed, screwed, riveted, and die-cut. This is also bonded using PVC adhesives.


Below are so far the features that the plastwood sheet is known for.

  • The plastwood sheet is distinctive and special than the real wood.
  •  Glossy and smooth surface
  • Convenient & easy to use
  •  White color featured
  • The thickness of two to twenty-five millimeters
  • The standard width of 1220 by 2440 millimeters
  • Smooth surface polishing
  • Cellular structure
  • High-corrosion resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Consistent density and cell structure from the surface to the core
  • Good Insulation
  • Ease of process
  • Anti-aging, unfading, and with imported dyes
  • Perfect for silkscreen printing
  • Elegant vision and sub-light surface
  • No deformation, no sopping
  • Flame retardant and fireproof
  • Good tenacity, high rigidity, and lightweight

Plastwood sheet is a more practical and more ideal option for adding some style and class to your DIY projects. It is a type of plastic sheeting that is available today. This makes a good replacement option for glass and all materials. This is true to say to home DIY and improvement.

Plastwood sheet has many different unique properties for projects. This is waterproof, durable, and also shatterproof. This is also simple and light to cut. This means to say that you face your limits to creativity.

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