Moved From House To Apartment? Thinks To Do With Home Insurance?

A lot of people have this doubt, about whether or not to make home insurance for those who live in an apartment. It is common to see this at home; in an apartment maybe it is not required because it already has the condominium insurance.

The difference is that residential insurance is not only for homes, but also for apartments, because this service takes care of the residents and the assets that are in the residence. The condominium insurance is aimed at the structure of the building and also the common areas of the residential complexes, provided there is a real condominium.


Buildings and condominiums are covered against fires, electrical damage, storms and other events that would damage the structure of the building where people are living. This service is required. Get more info about home insurance service.

As a result, you already have a compulsory insurance, which is the condo insurance, but you can also make a residential if you like.

Moved from house to apartment? What to do with residential insurance?

In case, you already owned your home insurance, you can transfer the policy to your apartment. At that point you can request a review of the coverage of your residence insurance for your broker, so you make the necessary adjustments to your new need.

Is apartment insurance cheaper than home insurance?

The answer is: It depends. In general, if the insurance is identical, with the same value at risk, the apartment insurance is a bit lower, but if the value at risk of the apartment is higher than the house, the policy can cost more.

Do a residential insurance simulation with home insurance services.

The insurance professionals have years of operation and partnership with the largest home insurance insurers. Better to consult with them to get a quote and simulate your policy without compromise.

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