Quick Guide To Understanding Wall Sconce And How They Are Installed?

Wall sconces are a kind of lighting fixtures with an unequalled and rare lighting opportunity. They have a delicate outlook and they look very different and dissimilar when used in a living area. They are used for decoration and they are available in different styles. Wood, iron and brass are the main materials used to build wall sconces.  They are also built using other materials. You can choice wall sconces according to the type of space in which they are being used for lighting or decoration.

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The presence of wired junction boxes is very important to install wall sconces. Having a wired system can help you in easy installation of wall sconces. However, you can also take help from an electrician to set up wiring without disrupting the wall. An electrical box is the main block for wiring. All wires are tucked in the box and then a mounting strap is screwed to the box. You can attach the wall sconce to the mounting strap to make a secure and reliable connection.

You can test its working by placing the switch and covering the designated area with the plate. Porch, hallway and bathroom are the areas where these wall sconces are placed. They must be used in a group of 2-3 to show hierarchy and balance. Wall sconces are selected according to the area in which they are being used and the price in which one can buy them. Wall sconces are liked to be placed in entry area or porch because of their aesthetic appeal, strength, reliability and durability.

They must be well taken care of, because if neglected, they look bad and cast a subdued feel. They must be cleaned and polished on regular basis to make a mesmerizing atmosphere. They must match to the surrounding, furniture and other elements of the area in which they are installed.

Take a look at this video to learn how to install a wall sconce …

Part 1: The first part is all about electrical wiring. Do watch the video till end as it deals everything with wiring and you need to be careful while doing this by yourself

Part 2: The second part of the video is about installing the wall lighting fixture and other installation process to finish the project.

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