Tips for Choosing Furniture, Upholstery and Curtains

Nobody wants to be in an uncomfortable place. Furniture such as sofas and ottomans make a difference in an environment, especially if the idea is to receive people. Curtains and blinds, on the other hand, help to provide warmth, protect against excess light and preserve privacy. In the bedroom, the choice of the headboard is essential to give the charming atmosphere that the environment requires.

upholstery in Cape town

But before going shopping, the ideal is to make a plan to not invest in products with dubious quality or that simply will not fit in the space. 

With experience in upholstery and decoration, we are showing some tips for upholstery and curtains in the room. 

Upholstery reform

It is not always necessary to buy a new sofa, or even armchairs and chairs. A change in the upholstery is often sufficient. The renovation is an interesting solution for those looking to change the look of the house without spending a lot and still value the piece of furniture. The success of the transformation, however, depends on the quality of the materials chosen and, mainly, on the professionals of upholstery in Cape town who will do the service.

Upholstery in Dubai: Elevating Elegance and Comfort

For those seeking refined upholstery solutions beyond Cape Town, Upholstery in Dubai offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort. The principles of quality materials and expert craftsmanship extend globally, ensuring that your furniture receives a touch of sophistication. Whether reviving existing pieces or exploring new upholstery possibilities, the expertise available in Dubai’s upholstery services promises a transformation that aligns with the city’s opulence and style. Consider the fusion of Cape Town’s practicality and Dubai’s elegance for an unparalleled upholstery experience that transcends borders.


Curtains are capable of making a real transformation in environments. Dressing the windows, controlling the brightness and ensuring the privacy of the environment at home or in the office are just some of its functions. It is important to define the model and avoid dark fabrics in the windows where the index of sunlight is intense, because in spite of spreading the light better, it retains heat and increases the temperature of the environment during the day. Natural fabrics should only be washed in specialized laundries. As for colors, neutral tone fabrics give more freedom and make it easier to combine the curtains in Cape town in environments with colorful elements.

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