The Ultimate Relocation Checklist – What to Do Before Moving Day

Having a detailed relocation checklist is essential for a smooth move. Use this guide to help prepare for your big move day!

What to Do Before Moving Day

Change Your Address

One of the most important tasks is notifying important contacts of your new address. At minimum, update your address with the post office by filling out a change of address form. Also update your address with important service providers like your bank, insurance companies, magazine and newsletter subscriptions, and more. Be sure to do this 4-6 weeks before your move date.

Hire a Moving Company

For a hassle-free move, hiring professional movers like a reputable moving company Brooklyn is highly recommended. Research movers, get estimates, and book well in advance of your move date – the busiest times tend to be summer. Make sure to ask about packing services, insurance coverage, estimated time of arrival, and tipping customs.

Pack Up Your Belongings

Begin packing well in advance so you aren’t rushed on moving day. Pack up non-essential items first and clearly label each box with its contents and the room it’s destined for. Declutter beforehand to avoid packing or moving items you don’t really need. For electronics, wrap fragile items separately and don’t overload boxes.

Back Up Your Computer Files

Make sure to back up your computer files to an external hard drive or cloud storage. This protects your important documents and photos in case of breakage during the move. Consider purchasing a hard drive solely for backups in the event your computer is damaged.

Redirect Mail and Pay Bills

If using a mail forwarding service, make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to moving day. Also be sure to update your address online or with any autopays you have set up for bills. Pay any outstanding bills and close accounts at local businesses before moving.

Plan Transportation for Moving Day

If not using professional movers, plan how you will transport items. Rent a truck or trailer, borrow one from family/friends, or make several car trips if moving shorter distance. Pack the truck in a logical order for ease of unloading. Consider arranging help from friends/family for heavy items.

Deep Clean Your Old Place

Do a thorough cleaning of your old home before returning keys or submitting final walkthrough. This includes cleaning bathrooms, appliances, closets, windows, carpets/rugs, and more. Make any needed repairs and have the carpets professionally cleaned.

That covers the major tasks to take care of before moving day. With planning and an organized checklist, your transition to a new home will go off without a hitch!

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