How To: Re-Screen a Window Screen

If you are attempting a re-screen on your own, you can use this basic guide to get started. To start remove the old spline material with a flat head screwdriver by pulling alongside the entire frame until it is all removed. I wouldn’t recommend re-using the same spline as it gets warped and deteriorated from the weather.

Things you will need:

1. Screwdriver (Flathead)
2. Razor blade or an exacto knife
3. Wood blocks (helpful but not required)
4. Spline tool

You are going to want to secure the frame to the work table by two wooden blocks lay the screen on the inside so that the window screen does not get bowed when you are re-screening with the new spline mesh or aluminum materials. You will be required to lay your new screen material down over your frame and leave about an inch overlapping. Next, you will want to cut each of the corners at about a 45-degree angle right alongside the grove that the spline will insert into.

Using your screen spline rolling tool you are going to want to push the spline materials and screen material into the groove and go along the entire frame of the screen. If you see the screen warp or bulge as you lay the material down, you should be okay once you complete the whole wrap as long as it is a small wrinkle (will tighten at the end) if the material looks extremely warped pull the spline out and try again.

After wrapping the entire frame, you will want to cut off the excess screen with a new razor blade go along the edges right under the spline material on a 45-degree angle, cut underneath the entire spline and then trim away any excess screen material that is left over and your home re-screen should be complete.

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