Luxury Bathroom – How the Pros Do

The luxury bedrooms suit among the most intimate rooms. Therefore, if there is not any problem of space and it allows more than appropriate to have a contingency bedroom and bathroom for visitors. Check with expert luxury bathroom designers to implement a luxurious bathroom in a modern apartment – as did professionals.

These days, they are introducing modern bathrooms in apartments. There are two types of bathrooms, one is called “Emergency” designed for visits and other is “Master”, a family bathroom. Both bathrooms offer both showers and toilets.


Handheld bathroom

Mostly an apartment has the space for 2 bathrooms. The small one includes a toilet and a shower, tiles with fine grain of the timber in bright shades and subtle decor grass. The sink is made of natural stone in earthy tones.

The large bathroom is situated in a private part of the apartment and is operationally designed for more people. Sinks recessed into the slab of walnut laminated batteries which are fitted in clear glass. Mirrors over each sink are taxiing after continuous shelves and shelves hiding behind for storing cosmetics.

Behind of a glass partition, there is hidden toilet. The tiles are in a trendy design, a combination of cream-colored and imitation of rusty metal. The bathroom is also a steam box, which serves as a shower while fully replaces steam sauna. There you can set up multiple shower, massage and sauna landscape modes and supplement them with intimate lighting, color and music on the radio.


In an apartment, it is necessary to offer users even one toilet. In this case, the second toilet should be designed as a full bathroom if enough space is available. In standby bathroom, there should be a basin, which sits conveniently next door – just open and now you can wash the hands. WC is designed properly in the line of sinks, so as not to “blow on” the first time you open the door.

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