6 Common Garage Door Problems And Repairs

Are you dealing with the automatic garage door troubles and you are looking for their solutions? Then, this is the right post for you because we are going to share garage door solutions to your problems. By reading this post, we will be able to determine what kind of issues your door has and how to handle them proficiently.

Garage Door Repair Collierville, Country Club

The opener doesn’t work

The garage door opener problems are very common and every homeowner faces them.  To reduce the friction, you can lubricate the openers that are not working properly. Simply use silicone-based lubricant or spray lube for this purpose. If there is an issue with the openers that you are unable to understand, hire a garage door opener repair service.

Weird noises

If you have a frozen garage door that produces weird sounds when you open it in the middle of the night, it might have some loose or damaged parts. First of all, lubricate all the moving parts, but if the problem is still there, hire experienced garage door service Collierville.


If you have a wooden door, then cracks are a very common problem. To keep cracks from deteriorating, you can utilize waterproof filler to seal them.

Broken weather sealant

The actual purpose of weather sealant is to keep water out, stop air leak, and decrease street noise. If the sealant is damaged or broken, cracks will appear. It is necessary to replace the old weather sealant at the right time by hiring a local garage door company.

The door opens and closes quickly

The rapid opening and closing of the garage door can become a cause of injuries. So, you should inspect the garage door photo eye to ensure it is aligned.

Springs are broken

If the door doesn’t open or close fully, then there is a problem with its springs. Hire Garage Door Spring Replacement Country Club service immediately.

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