Build Mart is involved in the retaining wall supply in Melbourne and the areas surrounding Melbourne for multiple years and now we want to native inhabitants to gain advantage from our experience.

We are professional in building the long-lasting and sturdy structures that efficiently and beautifully retain the soil and help in the protection of your property and backyard.



The selection of amazing interlocking pavers involves everything that you require building the retaining wall blocks that play an essential role to enhance the curb appeal of the home.  Our professionals will make unique designs retaining wall depending on your budget and requirements. Different kinds of materials can be utilized for building the retaining walls but our principal focus in on pavers.  It is included in our passion and specialty. It is a perfect choice to choose the segmental retaining walls with the stone bricks and we suggest them as they are interlocking and modular that makes them easy to gain specific forms. After some time, they will maintain the strength, as compared to the wood retaining walls that lose the integrity right after the installation.  We have versed and well-trained staff for every paving structure and make sure that the retaining walls will last for a long time without the loss of beauty in it. An additional service that we are offering is maintenance if you require installation intermittently, permitting you for enjoying the landscape without involving any hard work.


At Build Mart, we bring large retaining wall bocks in the garden and utilize them for building the wall according to your choices. It is not easy to make a retention wall.

We provide different solutions to make your life comfortable. You can select from a diversity of stones and have a look at all the selections given to you. Here are different retaining blocks that our company Build Mart is offering:

  • Mini Wall
  • Natural Impressions
  • Natural Impression DuoStone
  • LawnEdge
  • Versastone
  • VersaWall
  • WallStone Urban
  • Torpedo Base Block
  • Versa Smooth
  • Outback sleepers

Within each type, there is plenty of option of various colors, patterns, and materials that you can easily choose from, and we provide you will see the particularities of each type so that you cannot get confused in making a decision. Multiple possibilities and ideas are available that depend on the size of your project and your tastes. Different clients have different requirements. Our staff is exceptionally professional and expert, and we take care of our customers by providing the best material. That’s why we tend to give an extended period of warranty for all of our installations.

When you have nice retaining wall blocks, it does not mean that you have to spend a considerable amount of money on it. Build Mart is the best in providing competitive prices without involving least quality or cheap products. In other words, we are delivering the best of us.

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