Most Popular Places to Install Glass Barn Door

As this model is fixed on a rail, only space is needed for the door to slide, ideal for rooms with an extensive wall. Sliding doors are gaining more and more space in interior decoration projects, from the separation of environments to cabinets in the bedrooms and kitchen. See where they are most used:

Glass Barn Door

Sliding door in the bedroom

The rooms always need privacy, however, they can be opened in apartments so that the feeling of spaciousness is greater. For this reason, the sliding door is a great option for these rooms. The most used material is wood, which completely blocks visibility.

Sliding door in bathroom

Nowadays, many apartment bathrooms have narrow windows and one of the ways to change the face of this environment is to replace the traditional door with the sliding door. In this way, the passage gap can be larger and you can take advantage of the internal space previously occupied by the open door. Leaving the rails visible is optional, according to your taste and the project.

Sliding door in the kitchen

Kitchens can also be separated with large sliding doors – in this case, the option is generally chosen for the glass barn doors, which allows a certain visibility, as well as the passage of lighting, whether natural or not.

Sliding door in the room

Even in a wide environment, the choice of sliding doors can make the appearance more fluid and allow certain privacy between rooms.

Sliding door outdoors

In the back of residences, balconies and buildings, the sliding doors allow the environment to be fully opened to the external area.

Sliding door in cabinets

Sliding doors are also the darlings of cabinets designed in bedrooms. The mirrored model is successful and helps to leave the environment with a feeling of greater amplitude.

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