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We love our beautiful carpets, but this cannot be said about cleaning them. Carpet cleaning is a tedious job. But we cannot leave our carpets dirty either. It not only looks bad but also puts our family members at risk of catching different infections. Carpet Cleaning Atlanta has some useful tips for cleaning carpets at home.


Vacuum Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly

Vacuum cleaning is the easiest method to clean your carpet. However, vacuum cleaning is only suitable for everyday cleaning. It cannot get rid of all kind of marks. Furthermore, you will need to have a thorough cleaning once in a while to maintain the look of your carpet. To effectively vacuum clean your carpet, first, prepare the room for cleaning. Ask your family members to leave for a while, and pick any stuff lying on the carpet so that you can clean the carpet uninterrupted. Use appropriate attachment. For example, use a flat attachment to clean the main areas of the carpet while use nozzle attachment to clean hard-to-reach areas. Vacuum both horizontally and vertically for thorough cleaning.

Spot Clean for Spills

You may need spot cleaning from time to time for spills. When spot cleaning, make sure that the cloth you use does not leave any color or fibers of its own. The use of brush should usually be avoided as it can damage the carpet. Use the right kind of cleaning solution. Read the label and make sure that it is the right solution to clean the marks you intend to remove from your carpet.

Washing Your Carpet

You will need to wash your carpet occasionally to maintain its look. Washing should be done very carefully. The furniture should be removed. You should also ensure that the water could be drained from the place where you intend to wash the carpet.

To wash your carpet, you need to purchase or rent a carpet shampooer. However, most people find it convenient and economical to hire a carpet cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Atlanta.

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