Custom Deck Railing Options

Custom railings on your deck can be made to suit your specific desires. From the specific style and material to the colour and placement of the railing, your custom railing will be ideal for your needs. A custom railing can be built to wrap around your deck, to simply lead down your staircase, or to do both. The specialised nature of custom railings can allow these products to suit both your personal preference and your personal budgets. Your home exterior will see a major boost in aesthetics and function from a beautiful custom railing on the staircase or perimeter of the deck space. These are some of the common options available with a custom deck and or exterior staircase railing.


Glass Railing Options

One common style of a custom railing is glass railings. These styles are made of pains of glass set between custom designed railing posts and often a top bar. These railings can be ideal for decks, stairs or both. Glass railings with a top bar offer a smooth appeal and can provide varying levels of privacy, based on the glass you choose. Topless railings provide a more upscale appeal and can offer the most variety in regards to post toppings. These railings are common for decks of all size and material and can be designed in every way to suit your desires.

Glass Options

There are a number of glass, styles and tints that can be utilised to create your ideal custom deck railing. Clear glass is the most popular choice and offer a clear view coupled with affordable prices. Tinted bronze or grey glass can help provide a touch of colour and individuality to your deck area. Pinhead glass provides a translucent effect to your railing that offers privacy for those on the deck. Super grey or dark tinted glass can offer a private and upscale look to any railing. A bronze pinhead glass offers a dark look, with translucent privacy in a single pane of glass. The ability to select the exact type of glass you prefer is part of what makes custom railing so personally appealing.

Picket Style

Picket style railings are glassless and made of primary and secondary railing posts. These railing styles are commonly made of aluminum and wood and can offer large levels of design customisation.  Straight, basket and wide pickets each offer different design appeals and be made in a variety of colours to perfectly match your homeÕs exterior. Baluster knobs are placed in the centres of individual pickets to add a more luxurious appeal to your railing. The same appeal can be created with custom post topping, such as spears or other designs. Picket railings can be ideal for providing a ring railing on your homeÕs deck, running down your stairs or provide both of these function with a single custom railing.

Wood Railings

Finally, wood railings can be ideal for your needs. Wood railings provide a more rustic and often comforting feel to a homeÕs exterior. Wood railings can be built with a much lower cost than aluminum or glass and can be stained to provide comparable levels of customisation. If an aluminum railing or glass panel railing doesnÕt suit your needs, consider a wood railing for a more affordable and classic look.

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