Decorating Tips for Those who Want to Have a Bar at Home

Is your dream one of those English-style bars, with mahogany countertops, leather paneling, and tufted, with high bar stools and brass accents all around?

Or is your style something more modern, a bar in synthetic materials with LED lights and mirrors?

None of that! Is a corner with well-stocked shelves of the best drinks, a heated wine cellar and two armchairs to chat while tasting a wine enough to fulfill your ambitions?

Having a bar at home also depends on the space available, so we have selected several decor ideas for you to provide the bar you want in your home.

Decorating Tips for Those who Want to Have a Bar at Home

1- “Niche” of beer

See how with a little creativity, this recess in the floor plan of the apartment was transformed into a really cool bar.

The preference is for beer, but it could be what you like to drink the most.

2- The china cabinet that became a bar

Another practical tip, for those who aren’t fans of huge bars with counters, is to turn the china cabinet or even an old dresser into the place to store your drinks.

3- Counter next to the wall

If you like bars with counters and high chairs, but don’t have much space, remember that it doesn’t need to have that “span” in the back for someone to be serving people, check out this proposal that even has a small table.

4- Under the stairs

The idea was to transform this space, which is often lost, into a house in the right place for your bar.

What do you think of the solution?

5- “The Bar”

Now that option fully planned to be a bar.

Specifically designed furniture and even sheet metal and hood, these are tailor-made for enthusiasts.

6- Integrated to the kitchen

Ready! It is for those who were waiting for the traditional solution of making a bar integrated into the American kitchen!

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