How Hard Is It to Maintain a Pool?

Keeping a pool is a great way to spend the warm months of the year. However, it’s not easy to maintain it properly, particularly if you have never owned one before. You’ll need to spend time regularly cleaning and testing the water’s pH level using pool equipment, as well as taking care of various parts of the pool. A good schedule will help you stay organized and plan ahead for more complex tasks.

The workload required is different for different types of pools. A family of four won’t use their pool very often, so it’s unlikely to need much time to clean and maintain it. But if a large group of people makes use of the pool, it will require more attention. A quick evaluation will help you see what level of attention you’ll need to provide. After all, you want your family to have a great time.


If you’re the type of person who has no time for DIY projects, consider hiring a cleaning service. These companies can help you with the weekly chores of maintaining your pool. However, hiring someone to do it for you is definitely more expensive. In that case, you may have to invest in some expensive tools that you won’t be able to use on a regular basis. This may prove too difficult, so consider hiring a cleaning company for specific issues and regular appointments.

The level of activity in your pool is one of the biggest factors affecting the cleanliness of your pool. High activity burns through sanitizing chemicals more quickly. The high activity also leads to cloudy water and algae, so a high activity level means more work. High activity levels are also related to nature’s active ways, which may affect the chemistry of your pool. Tree coverage, pollen count, and sunlight all affect the chemistry of your pool.

Weekly chemical testing is another important step for keeping your pool in perfect condition. You need to check the pH level every few weeks to ensure it is balanced. If you have a hard time monitoring the pH level, you can purchase a digital reader such as the VIVOSUN pH and TDS meter combo. If you are unsure how to test the pH level, experts recommend testing your pool every other day to avoid algae or other problems.

A pool service typically costs $75-$100 per hour. A DIY approach to pool care can cut the cost even further. Depending on the type of pump, an 18′ x 36′ vinyl-lined swimming pool should require less than an hour a week of your time. The cost of chemicals should not exceed $35 per month. But be aware that thunderstorms and pool parties can increase the maintenance burden significantly. If you’re a neat person, it may take longer than you think. However, the main key to easy pool care is to maintain your pool and keep a consistent chemical level.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to clean a swimming pool, hiring a professional is a great option. These professionals are trained in this area, and they can complete the task in an hour or less. A pool cleaning service will also save you a lot of time by avoiding tedious tasks that are not your forte. A swimming pool service can ensure that your pool stays in tip-top shape all year long. They’ll also remove debris and algae, as well as perform more complicated repairs.

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