How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Office – Save Space in Your Home

Have you been working from home more often than not lately? Has the time come that you need a dedicated home office space but your house just doesn’t have any available room? Do you need a space that is distraction free so that you can be productive and you just can’t figure out a solution? The answer may be that it’s time to use a little creative thinking and step outside the box and consider a backyard office.

Save Space in Your Home

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A backyard office is an excellent way to save space in your home, while providing you with a fully functional and comfortable space to work. So, let’s look at some of the steps you can take to make this vision a reality.

What Will the Structure Be?

Because you simply can’t set up a desk in the middle of your lawn, you need to think about what the office structure will be. You need something with walls so you are protected from the weather, and that also provides you with a sense of privacy. Some of the more common solutions include an outdoor shed that you can fashion into a home office, redesigning your garage, or even making use of a screened-in porch.

The key is really to look at structures in a new light and figure out how you can transform them into useable workspace.

It Will Need to be a Comfortable Temperature

The next thing to consider is the temperature or climate in your office. You don’t want the space too hot or too cold, as it will make it difficult to work there. In most cases portable units end up being the best and most convenient solutions. This means investing in a good quality and safe portable space heater, or fan. Ideally the space would have windows you can open to allow for air flow during the warmer months too.

Electricity Is a Must in Any Backyard Office

An absolute must when designing a backyard office is an electricity source. You’ll need this for your computer, lights, printer, and so forth. If you are setting up your space in a screened in porch or an attached garage the electricity source will be a little easier to deal with. If, however, you are looking at running power to an outside shed, things can get a bit more involved. 

What About the Office Furniture?

Now that you’ve got a designated space to act as your outdoor office, it’s time to think about comfort and productivity. It’s important not to get too caught up in how the furniture looks. Sure you want your office space to look good, but most of all the office furniture needs to be comfortable and supportive (ergonomic) so you can work long hours at a time without any issues. It also needs to fit into the space and not be too oversized.

Deciding to move your home office to the backyard could just be the best decision you make as it will be able to check off all the necessary boxes.

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