How to Ensure Good Gutter Cleaning?

Sometimes we forget them, but gutters are fundamental to the external structure of real estate, especially in a tropical country that has torrential rains several times a year, and whereby proper drainage of water is indispensable for the houses or apartments do not face difficulties.

It is common the accumulation of leaves, fruits, dirt and various types of materials, compromising the operation and causing clogging that can cause serious damage.

Few people know for sure how to wash the gutters, but with the right tips, you can do this in a practical and effective way. Learn how to follow.

How to Ensure Good Gutter Cleaning

Set the optimal cleaning frequency

The first step in keeping your gutters clean and your property secure is to know for sure how much time the Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Raleigh service needs to keep gutters clean all over the year. To sanitize them every three months is a very reasonable spacing.

Learn how to clean

Already knowing the interval time needed to do the cleaning, it is time to effectively learn how this process takes place:

1-To start with, you need to have a good quality ladder, which guarantees stability and security so that you can perform the service.

2-Then, it is time to place it next to the roof eaves, with all the care.

3-You can even do the removal with your hands, but ideally have a glove (preferably rubber), a plastic shovel or brush and a bucket to collect the waste you find.

4-Then, remove all the dirt that is there and put it in the bucket, then lower it.

5-Having passed this step, you need to have a hose that has good pressure for you to push into the conductors and send high-pressure water jets to remove the finer, harder dirt such as dust and small pieces of leaves and fruits.


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