Tips To Avoid Problems With Dream Maker Hot Tub

Classics Dream Maker Hot Tubs have already been luxury item in homes. Today, more popular, they are available in various sizes, formats and with various technologies that complement the bather’s comfort. But, many people do not know problems like leakage, malfunction and infiltration can easily be avoided with a prior evaluation and a correct installation. See below some tips to ensure success in product performance.




An empty 180 x 90cm bathtub can weigh 40kg. Already with the capacity of water, it reaches 220kg. To avoid overweight in the apartment bathroom, it is necessary to check the design of the building.

It is not essential that the bathtub is provided in the project, but technical factors such as being overweight are identified and solved already at the site plan. However, it is important that a consultant visit the space and make a preventive evaluation. The measures are important points and it is necessary that the chosen product has a harmonious living with the environment.


It is required for all wet areas, regardless of the use of tubs or shower. The process avoids infiltration of water into the environment.


There are models with easy-to-install formats that do not require masonry changes and others that require renovation, but both must be installed by a technician who has specific electrical and hydraulic skills and who is trained and qualified by the manufacturers.


The time varies by manufacturer, but products by Dream Maker Hot Tubs have, on average, two years of support. If the technician is not enabled and the bath is installed incorrectly, the product loses all the free assistance of the manufacturer.


In the gel coat baths, the brightness is influenced by UV radiation and has a shelf life of two years. The models made of acrylic have a durable finish, with an average warranty of ten years. Both should be cleaned with mild soap and water.

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