Which Stucco is Best for Painting?

Stucco combines multiple resilient materials for many home exterior benefits. It consists of powdered limestone or cement in combination with sand and water. Stucco typically lasts a lifetime, between 50 and 80 years or more. During this enduring period, you can paint your stucco multiple times. Paint provides an easy and low-cost method for updating the look. Overall, with stucco you can expect versatile low maintenance beauty that lasts, according to the pros at goldentrowelstucco.com.

stucco painting

Below are some key steps to follow for stucco painting.

  1. Check the stucco for potential repair needs.

It is important to inspect the material surface prior to stucco painting. You may need to make small repairs, such as patch replacement or filling of gaps or cracks. Major cracks require the expert refinishing of professionals. After making any repairs, you should also wait a week to 10 days before stucco painting.

  1. Pressure Washing

Stucco picks up a great deal of dirt and grime. As a result, you need to clean this mess away before applying the first coat of paint. Otherwise, you will face issues with paint control, consistency and appearance. Pressure washing is the most effective option for this pre-washing.

  1. Mold Removal

Within the first weeks of painting your stucco walls, mold can appear. Before applying a new coat of paint, you must ensure all of the existing mold is removed using a quality mold removal solution. Only add new paint after the solution and wall has thoroughly dried.

  1. Primer Application

Paint sticks best to stucco with a primer first applied. This base coat also helps the painted results look better for longer. If your walls have stains, use a stain-blocking primer that can keep the issues from bleeding through your paint and affecting the results. Consider also an exterior waterproof primer to keep dampness from permeating through the walls. Also allow any type of primer to thoroughly dry before applying the next layer.

  1. Choosing the Best Painting Method

You can use a roller or sprayer to paint your stucco. A roller works fine on stucco surfaces that are not too rough. It is important to use a roller with a thick nap, to enable paint to reach into all of the crevices inherent with stucco. Remember that using a thick nap roller typically requires more paint.

For very rough stucco or large surfaces, paint sprayers often work best. You can rent or buy a sprayer that provides even and fast application for professional results.

  1. Keep Watch Over the Weather

Weather is a critical factor in deciding when to paint your stucco. You will need at least two or three sunny days to apply your paint and allow it to dry. Otherwise, water can peel recently dried paint from your walls. You need time for the paint to properly cure before the next rainfall.

  1. Plan for Methods to Reach Higher Areas

For tall walls or multi-level homes, you need to plan methods for reaching higher areas for paint application. Your best bet is a stable ladder or scaffolding. Safety should always be a priority.

stucco painting

Stucco Walls Are Great for Painting

Only brick lasts longer than stucco on exterior walls. Stucco also provides an excellent surface for painting to renew the look of your home or other property. The keys to enduring beauty are to ensure proper routine maintenance and repair as cracks or other issues appear. Also plan to keep some of your chosen paint color on hand after your application. You will need the paint to recolor damaged areas after fixing cracks, chips or other issues.

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