3 Preventive Maintenance you can do Without Calling a Garage Door Repair Service Los Angeles

A Garage Door is often the largest moving part in your home, and it’s used more than a few times daily. To ensure it remains in optimum condition, you need to devote your time for preventive care and basic maintenance. Following are 3 basic maintenance and preventive measures you should take care of.

  • Lubricate

A basic tip, you need to lubricate moving parts to ensure they work properly. Garage Door Repair Services Los Angeles recommends you to keep moving parts greased. It will just take 10-15 minutes, and makes sure the door works properly for at least a year.

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Use white lithium lubricate on opener chain and screws. If you can’t reach the overhead springs, try to spray the grease there. 

  • Test Auto Reverse

Photocell and Mechanical are two safety mechanics for Auto reverse. You should test these to see if they work properly or not. To test mechanical safety, put a wooden piece in door’s path. When the door comes down and touches this wooden block, it should immediately move in reverse and go back.

Photoelectric system has beams on both sides. So press the close button and pass your leg in door’s path. If it’s working properly, the door will move in reverse.  In case your opener is 20 years old, it’s time to get a new one as it lacks modern safety features.

  • Work on Your Garage Door

You don’t need garage door repair services Los Angeles to groom your door, you can easily do it yourself. If your door is made up of wood, see if there is any water damage or warp. You also need to keep your eyes peeled for chipped or peeling paint.

If it’s steel, then there may be some rust spots that you have to sand, and paint. Wash your door on regular basis and keep an eye for these issues.

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