LED Downlights: Know the Benefits and Save on the Light Bill

Learn how the LED can influence power consumption and see the best options to replace your home’s light bulb.

LED Downlights are a good choice for anyone looking for economy in the light bill. This spending cut is mainly possible because monthly power consumption is considerably reduced when incandescent or fluorescent lighting is replaced by LED.


Another benefit among the main features of LED bulbs is the shelf life. While the incandescent light lasts for around 1,000 hours and the fluorescent light reaches about 10,000 hours, the LED is able to function perfectly for up to 50,000 hours – thus reducing costs with possible lamp changes.

In addition, the LED downlights offered by Martec are currently priced competitively, similarly to that of the fluorescent lamp.

The LED lamp models

PAR and AR: These models are the most recommended for replacing halogen lamps. Without the use of mercury, the product guarantees efficiency in energy expenditure and consequent saving in consumption.

Dichroic: It is best choice when halogen lamps are used for decorative purposes. It is also a good choice to complement the lighting of the internal parts of the space in which it is used.

Tube: This model is ideal for commercial spaces such as industries and offices. It is the one that presents, on average it has the highest prices, but compensates in the design more easily adaptable to the different types of environments.

Power consumption comparison

The difference in energy consumption between lighting options can be seen in the hourly expenditure. A 60W incandescent bulb, for example, consumes the same energy as a 4.5W LED luminaire. This saves 55.5W every hour.

The use of fluorescent lamps is a little more economical as compared to incandescent lamps, but it still consumes in quantities much higher than the energy expenditure of the LED.

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