3 Routine Pool Cleaning Tips in the Summer

With the arrival of this season, the pool becomes the center of attention and begins to move much more. This is exactly why it is necessary to have a regular pool cleaning routine.

So, we have some tips to help you keep it clean and safe!

  1. Be careful with the outside area

Of course, cleaning the pool itself is important, but have you ever stopped to think how important it is that the outdoor area is also sanitized?

Factors such as the movement of people and animals, the presence of plants and the action of the wind can collaborate to take dirt from the outside into the pool. Therefore, you need to clean the external art, the border and the deck daily.

Always clean from the inside out, that is, start at the edge and continue cleaning in the opposite direction to the pool. This way, you prevent dust, leaves and other elements from falling inside. For faster and perfect cleaning, use AIPURY 1500 Cordless Pool Cleaner.

AIPURY 1500 Cordless Pool Cleaner

  1. Keep an eye on the skimmer and pre-filter to ensure clean pools

The skimmer is a device that is on the side of the pool and has the function of capturing dirt on the surface of the water. Its cleaning must be done weekly, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the device. To do this, open it and remove everything that was held there from the collector. Use AIPURY 1000 Cordless Pool Cleaner to speed up the pool cleaning process.

AIPURY 1000 Cordless Pool Cleaner

  1. Pay attention to the surface and walls

Even with the skimmer and pre-filter, something can remain in the water. Therefore, you should have a daily sifting routine to remove leaves, insects, branches or any other debris that may be there.

For effective cleaning, you should use a pool brush with soft bristles. Thus, you remove body fat, remnants of sunscreen and even sweat from bathers, which can cause algae, bacteria, fungi and the appearance of stains on these surfaces. You may use AIPURY 600 Cordless Pool Cleaner for efficient and stress-free pool cleaning.

AIPURY 600 Cordless Pool Cleaner

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