How Much Gas Does Your Old Boiler Consume?

Winter gets pretty cold in some areas which might turn out to be a huge problem if a person is not having a combi boiler. In many countries across the globe, winter lingers on for a few months. This means that you will be needing your boiler for more time than usually expected. Due to this overtime done by the boiler, it may add some extra bucks to your bill. Many people wonder that how much goes does their boiler consume. The answer is surely not definite, but it varies according to many different factors. Many people can’t really figure out how much does their gas boiler really consumes. Knowing this can save an individual’s loads of money as he finds ways to save on utilities. If you were surfing the internet for this reason then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through how much gas does your boiler consumes.

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Gas Consumption Of Combi Boiler

As discussed earlier, the gas consumption of the combi boiler depends upon various factors and one cannot conclude relying on only one factor. The most important factors that contribute to the consumption of gas are the boiler’s condition and its age. Besides this, its type and the amount of air that sweeps into your home plays a vital role in deciding it’s gas consumption. The more air that sweeps in the more cold the environment would be, resulting in more need of combi boiler which in the end increases the gas consumption.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

If one wants to know the exact amount of gas consumed, then he shall take the help of his gas bill. One should take other appliances into account too, which consumes gas. Knowing out how efficient your combi boiler is way better than finding out the actual gas consumption of it. By knowing this, one can calculate and analyze how much gas the boiler is wasting. The heating systems such as combi boilers and gas boilers are evaluated on the basis of AFUE which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. If your gas boiler is not so old, then it must have AFUE displayed in front of the unit. It shows the ratio of how much heat is exhaled by the boiler compared to how much gas is actually consumed.

The Efficiency Of Combi Boilers

For suppose, if the AFUE of the combi boiler is around 80%. Then it means that 80% of the gas it consumes is converted into heat for your home. The remaining 20% is exhaled through the boiler chimney in the form of exhaust. The boilers must have 80% AFUE. An energy-efficient combi boiler should have at least around 90% AFUE whereas many old boilers have roughly around 50%.

It also means that if a person is having an old boiler then he is losing lots of money paying for gas that is actually being wasted. That’s the reason why it is recommended to use the latest combi boilers as they are energy efficient and have AFUE rated at least 90%. Moreover one can also opt for a condensing boiler. It can save your annual gas bill at a considerable amount along with lowering down the carbon footprint.

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