Your Guide to Summer Tree Care with Edmonton Arborists

Edmonton homeowners tend to take care of their landscape by mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, eliminating weeds and maintaining their gardens. However, tree pruning in Edmonton is an often overlooked maintenance option until it’s too late. There are a number of different trimming strategies that arborists use to promote crown growth as well as reduce and prevent pests and diseases. The benefits of better arboreal care include a healthier canopy, a safer property, and a higher real estate value.

Health – Removing branches that are damaged or diseased prevents decay from spreading down the branch. The root and core structure can also withstand environmental elements more effectively when the crown is trimmed, in turn encouraging canopy growth.


Safety – Trimming branches prevents property and personal damaged caused by heavy winds and storms. Over-extending and weak branches eventually break off during extreme weather, such as extreme cold, blizzards, and lightning storms. Branches extending over the roof of a building or above power lines can also be extremely hazardous. In order to prevent damage or injury on your property, try looking into Edmonton tree care services from Chipps Tree or other companies certified with the International Society of Arboriculture.

Improved Landscape – Tree pruning in Edmonton not only improves the look of your canopy, it also improves the health of surrounding plants. This keeps the landscape blooming, colourful and healthy. It can also stop unwanted growth in certain areas of the crown, such as parts near powerlines or your eaves. Don’t underestimate the value of landscaping your property – landscaped homes tend to fetch 5-12% more.

On the other hand, dead trunks and stumps greatly reduce the value of real estate. They should be removed not only to protect your home, family, and property from damage, but also to reduce eyesores in the neighbourhood. For those thinking about putting their home on the market, it will increase the selling price of your property if you bring in removal services like Chipps Tree. However, nothing beats a mature, healthy birch, elm, ash, or other deciduous species when it comes to improving real estate values. Your best strategy is preventative maintenance and care to keep your urban forest alive for decades to come.

When is it time to call up the professionals for your landscaping needs? Some of the signs you should look for according to locals Chipps Tree include:

  • Broken or hanging branches
  • Large amounts of deadwood
  • Deep cracks in the bark
  • Rubbing(crossing) branches

Tree pruning in Edmonton should only be done by a qualified arborist. Professionals have the right tools and experience needed to take on high risks jobs. If you are inexperienced, attempting to do the job can result in injury to yourself and damage to your landscaping. For example, different types of care on various species have to happen at different times of the year. It can take years to grow back a damaged crownand eventually you will need professional help anyway. To prevent costly mistakes, it’s best to call a professional when you need arboreal care.

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