Color Suggestions For Double Room – How to Renovate

Who does not like to come back from a busy day and rest in a cozy atmosphere? The double bedroom is one of the rooms of the house that deserves special attention when it comes to decorating. After all, it is the room where we will spend several hours of the night to renew the energies and to face another day with disposition.


Being a very special environment, it pays to be aware of color renovation Singapore tips for a double room. That’s because the tone of the room makes all the difference in the decor, especially in the message you want to issue. So before choosing the right color for a double room you need to know the effect you want to get and the size of the room. Also get expert recommendations from 3D Innovations Design Pte. Ltd.

Before changing the decor of your room, here are some color suggestions for a double room to inspire you!

Lighter, softer tones are still preferred for couples’ bedroom painting. This is because they are easier to combine with the other elements of the decoration and also to convey a sense of tranquility and breadth. Few people bet on strong colors, or follow trends when it comes to colors for double bedroom.

But although many do not risk the most eye-catching tones, they are fashionable and can also leave the ambience very cozy. However, in order not to have the opposite effect, caution must be exercised when using strong colors. That’s because the strong colors like yellow, orange and red are stimulating.

In order to make a mistake in choosing these stimulating colors, the tip is to paint only the wall behind the bed of the couple, where it is possible to complement the decor with the headboard and pictures.

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