What is the Best Chainsaw?

Choosing a chainsaw is a difficult task, as a lot of models and brands are available on the market, so how to choose the best chainsaw for your purpose?

To help you with this task, we’ve come up with some questions that will help you choose the right chainsaw for your needs.

What is the Best Chainsaw

Does the chainsaw brand really matter?

Often cheap deals are expensive in the end, so choose a reputable brand on the market that offers service somewhere near you.

Ensuring the best 16 inch chainsaw product and bringing efficiency and durability of its equipment, STIHL guarantees credibility and efficiency, as well as easy access to specialized technical assistance and spare parts.

Electric, gasoline or battery?

Choose your technology, Electric, Gasoline or Battery? Learn more about how each works:

Combustion Chainsaw (Gasoline)

Ideal for outdoor activities, away from the mains and freedom of movement, as these machines can be supplied anywhere. Gasoline equipment has different power ranges, different cutting sets, lengths and features, models are available from occasional use to reforestation work.

Electric chainsaw

Geared for gardening and occasional use, electric chainsaws only need a power outlet nearby and can handle uninterrupted cable and are light, quiet and emission free.

Battery Chainsaw

Battery products are suitable for indoor activities, interior renovations and restorations, as well as for home and garden work or in noise sensitive areas such as residential areas, leisure spaces, universities and hospitals. They are free of gas emissions and have low noise, besides providing great freedom of movement.

Power of Chainsaw

The power of your chainsaw will directly influence the performance of your chainsaw. Higher horsepower chainsaws have more power and more pulling force to turn the chain.

When choosing your chainsaw, keep in mind that horsepower, measured in Cv or Kw is more important than displacement. 

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