How to Clean Wrought Iron Doors

During regular cleaning routine, we come across different things that are hard to clean and require a special approach to get fully clean. Custom iron doors are one of those things that can give you a tough time getting fully clean. Keeping this in mind, we have put together some important points that can really help you clean your wrought iron door. Let’s have a look at them below;


Get rid of dirt first

Before soap water, you should clean your wrought iron door using a duster to keep dust from getting harder. You may also use blower in order to clean hard-to-reach places. If you encounter anything problematic with any part of your door, it’s better that you should contact any repairer to get it fixed.

Use dishwashing soap

After cleaning off the dirt, you will need to wash your wrought iron door using dishwashing soap water. You may use any spray bottle or bucket to fill with soap water. Now use a brush or cloth to clean your iron door thoroughly. Start from top to end and make sure you don’t skip any part.

Dry your door with a lint-free, clean cloth

Now, dry your custom iron door using a lint-free cloth to get it fully dried. Once it is dried, you may carry out other jobs such as applying paint. You may also use rust-inhibiting primer to keep it from rusting. You may avail any painter to get this done with the utmost accuracy and professionalism. After applying primer thoroughly, you can apply any paint of your choice to give final touches.

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