Is Your Home Harming Your Family?

There is nothing quite as good as taking your shoes off, putting your bag down, breathing in the familiar smell of home, and relaxing for the rest of the evening is there? Your home is a safe space for your family to play, create, relax, and be together.

At certain times of the year, you naturally get coughs and colds and think nothing of it. But your home might be the culprit if you aren’t feeling well. Is your home harming your family?

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Here are some places that you should check out regularly.

Pantry Stock

You might not think there is anything in your pantry that could make you ill. However, many people have a range of pests that wither live in or visit their pantry very often. Mice, rats, and other pests can carry a wide range of diseases. Of course, no one assumes they have pests until they see some proof.

But, pests are sneaky, and you’re not likely to spot them unless you have a high level of infestation or you are around late in the evening. Go looking for signs of pests like droppings, holes in wrappers, and even damage to your flooring. You can take care of this quickly by calling pest control.


Mold in the home is a surprisingly common issue, and it is one that can give all members of the family some chest problems. If you live in a high-moisture climate, where the heat can vary from one day to the next, it is more common. High humidity homes, anything over 60 percent humidity, are prone to mold.

Mold reproduces at speed when left unchecked, and it is possible to travel into air vents, under floorboards, and even behind the walls. Mold causes many health issues, from irritated lungs that will cause a cough to nervous system issues.

This can be compounded by the fact that high humidity can attract dust mites, which will trigger an allergic reaction.

If any member of your family seems to be having frequent tickly coughs, a runny nose, and other signs of allergies, then it is worth taking a look throughout your home. When searching for mold, it is essential to get your HVAC system check out by Service Express, and if you have laminate, it is also worth checking underneath any areas that have lifted or moved.

When mold is spotted early enough, it can be treated very quickly; if it has spread to other systems in your home, you might need more extensive treatment.


There are several issues that older homes suffer from. One is having lead paint, and the other is asbestos. Many companies used Lead-based paint, commonly used in most houses built and decorated before 1948.

If you have purchased a period home and aren’t sure what the paint contains, then you can have your paint tested for lead. In the space of just one year, there were over 900,000 children impacted by the use of lead-based paint.


Also known as the silent killer, asbestos is widespread in building materials used between 1920 and 1978. Asbestos is robust, fire retarded, and was used in many buildings. Asbestos is very harmful to your health and can pose several serious issues, including lung disease and cancers.

It is possible to have the most common areas of your home tests for asbestos so that you can be sure your home is free from this harmful material.

Nowadays, we build homes with better quality materials; however, many homes around now aren’t to the same standard.

It is always worth checking out all of the nooks and crannies of your home, so you can confidently answer ‘no’ to the question – is your home harming your family.

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