Remodeling a home relocation is anything but an easy process. No matter how much effort you put into making it seamless, there will always be that one thing that requires extra attention. Sure, there might be some people who made everything work for them. However, in most cases, remodeling can become messy if not done correctly. It is especially true for people living inside temporary homes. Not only do they have to worry about their landlords approving of something as little as a paint job, but they will also have to return the living space to its original state when they move to a permanent residence.


Whether it is due to repairs at your permanent residence or in between changing houses, making the most out of your temporary home can sometimes be tricky. You would want that place to feel like home. Don’t worry, as we will share with you five proven tips for upgrading your temporary residence, making it feel like you have been living there for decades. These five tips are listed as follows:


No matter how much you try, a temporary residence will always make you feel like you are a guest at somebody else’s home. Searching through heaps of clothes to find your favorite t-shirt or going through a disorganized suitcase for a missing item will only make you feel even more of a guest at your own house, temporary or not. While you might avoid moving all your clothes to your temporary residence, you can make your life a little easier by organizing them properly.

A good idea would be to consider the clothes you wear frequently and the season. For example, if it’s winter, you might want to bring out your winter clothes from storage, leaving unnecessary summer clothes untouched. Having fever clothes to deal with will save you the headache of dealing with more than you can chew.


Individuals who look for temporary housing solutions also refrain from spending money on permanent decor. They avoid applying a new wallpaper or refinishing the floor as an expensive investment like that will be of no use. They will end up moving someplace else sooner or later.

However, just because your stay in a house is temporary doesn’t mean that you should avoid bringing in some cheap decor along with you. Removable décor such as paintings, memorabilia, or cork cupboards are the best way to make your temporary residence feel like home.


Some temporary houses might already have the necessary appliances, while some may not. In any case, you will do yourself a big favor by keeping their number in your kitchen, not more than three or four. Make a list of your most-used appliances and bring the top four to your temporary residence along with you.

The fewer items you bring with you, the less effort you require to move them once you move to a permanent home. For example, you may not require a blender every day, but you drink coffee religiously, you will need to bring a coffee machine with you.


The moving process can sometimes be challenging, primarily due to your furniture. You have no idea how many people get their expensive furniture scratched during this process. You can avoid such a risk by getting some temporary pieces of furniture for your temporary residence. While some houses already come furnished, you may want to add some furniture to spice up your temporary home.

Search the online market place such as Craig’s list for used furniture or visit your local store as they have various cheap options. And once you decide to move, you can pass it on to someone else without ever having to worry about denting or scratching it.


Your temporary house might not be your home, but you can take steps to make it feel like home. Add a few items that provide you a familiar feeling, whether staying at a friend’s house or with a family member. No one will have any objections if you place a few of your favorite pictures or throw in a few comfy pillows on your bed.

You can also add some scent to make things seem familiar. Do that by using scented candles you might have once used in your previous home to provide you that feeling of familiarity.


People think of a temporary residence as something less than ideal for them. However, you should not forget one thing: it is a brief stay. Even if it not as perfect as you want it to be, you have to make the most out of it. Try your best and make everything work in your favor, and no matter where you go, it will always feel like home.

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