Garage Door Off Track? Simple Fixes to Get Your Garage Door Back on Track

One of the most frustrating issues garage door owners can face is discovering their door is suddenly off its tracks. Whether caused by weather, age, or impact, having a garage door off track prevents it from opening and closing properly. But don’t panic – there are often simple fixes you can try at home to get the door back on track.

Garage Door Off Track

Realigning a Garage Door Off Track

The first step when finding your garage door off track is to inspect where it has come loose from the tracks. Gently try to realign the door panel by lifting it back into the correct position in the tracks on both sides. You may need to apply upward pressure while gently nudging the door panel side to side until it clicks back into place. Be careful not to force it if it is still not lining up correctly.

Adjusting or Replacing Garage Door Tracks

If realigning does not work, the tracks themselves may need adjustment or replacement. Loose tracks are a common cause of doors going off track. First try tightening any loose mounting hardware, brackets, or screws. You can also try bending the tracks slightly with your hands to better align them if they are warped. As a last resort, consider replacing bent or damaged tracks for a more permanent fix.

Lubricating and Tensioning the Garage Door

Another potential cause of a garage door off track is lack of lubrication. Apply garage door track lubricant along the full length of the tracks. Then check the tension on your door springs. If they are stretched out or broken, the door may not have enough counterbalance to stay properly aligned. A pro can help adjust or replace worn springs.

With some basic adjustments, many garage doors off track can be repaired at home. But professional garage door repair help in Georgia is recommended for more serious issues to safely resolve the problem.


How do I know if a garage door spring needs replacing?

Signs include snapped cables, a door that won’t open fully or stays down without support, or springs that are stretched out or coiled unevenly. A pro can inspect.

What do I do if realigning doesn’t work?

Try adjusting or replacing tracks, lubricating rollers/hinges, and checking door spring tension before calling a pro for repairs. A technician can further inspect for issues.

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