Warning Signs that You need a New Roof

Despite being one of the notable features of a building, many owners hardly pay attention to the roof. Well, at least until they notice unsightly stains on the ceilings or walls. These stains are symptoms of a damaged or leaky roof, which in most cases, are fixable through professional roofing services. There are times, however, when the roof is just beyond repair, and no amount of fixing can restore it. In such a case, the only remedy is to consider roof replacement.

So how can one tell whether a roof needs replacing? Here are warning signs that you should consider.


Aged Roof

If your roof is older than twenty to twenty-five years, you need to swap them with new ones. Roofing experts concur that, a roof that old, has no business being part of a building, more so if it is an asphalt shingle roof. Such a roof is not only weak, but it exposes the property and its occupants to risk in the event of a massive storm or wind.

Missing shingles

If during an inspection you notice one or more shingles missing, it goes without saying that you must replace the missing pieces. The only challenge is that getting a new piece that blends perfectly with the rest of your old roof’s color can prove impossible. So instead of ending up with a roof that resembles a checkers board game, it might just be prudent to replace the entire roof.

Presence of cracked, curled or buckling shingles

Another sign that it is time to substitute your roof with a new one is if it has cracking, curling or buckling shingles. If the fault is only in a particular area, then replacing the affected pieces would help to restore the roof. However, if the defects are in random areas throughout the roof, it is not cynical to start thinking of getting a new roof.

There are shingle granules in the gutter

If you begin noticing shingle granules piling up on your rainspout, then you need to be concerned and start planning for a new roof. Roof shingles tend to shed off more granules as they age. Their falling off, therefore, means that the quality of your shingles has deteriorated. As a result, they are no longer effective at shielding the asphalt from the sun.

If you can see the sunlight through roof

The roof ought to prevent many weather elements including water and light from entering the house. Hence, if you can see sunlight or daylight through the roof, it means there is a hole in your roof. The same applies if you notice water stains on the ceiling, which increase in shape or size, each time it rains. In both cases getting a new roof might be one of the roofing services you should consider.

An entirely sagging roof

If you have a sagging roof, you need to move with haste to replace it because what you have is a structural issue. It could be a weak decking or vulnerable foundation supports. Even though such a sagging roof can stay for long in such a state, there is no need of taking chances. The situation can turn tragic during a storm or strong wind.


While these are some of the common tell-tale signs that your roof needs replacing, other circumstances might compel you to substitute yours. For instance, if your shingles have compromised valleys or if the chimney flashings on your roof comprise of tar or cement. Irrespective of the reason for replacing your roof, make sure to engage the services of a contractor skilled in roofing services.

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