Roof Leakage Problems – The Checklist

If you are having roof problems today, the design failure has already happened. Fixing failures takes longer than starting from scratch, to correctly analyze the problem you may choose free roof inspection to know the problem. We hired a roofing contractor North Hollywood from roof repair page to help me list the checks and repairs for roof leaks.


Check out the key roofing repair checklists:

Tile Verification – Always start checking from the top of the roof, i.e. the tiles. Check the leaks, dry sealing bolts, holes, sludge deposits and dirt. Check if the tiles, specially clay tiles, are overlapping correctly. Perform a gutter check, maintenance cleaning, and water drop test using a hose. Replace the chute completely if it is too small, or if it has problems with trim and drainage.

Roof Bracket Check – Roof outside the square and low-pitched roof are directly related to structural problems. In many cases, it can occur that the structure gives in to the weight of the tiles, causing “bellies” in the structure that take the tiles out of place. These same bellies can also accumulate water, weighing more the roof, even falling on the residents.

Temporary Brackets and Brackets – It is optional to attach temporary bracing brackets to the roof if it is outside the square for gradual correction of the problem. The building technician or engineer will direct the correct positioning of the temporary struts until there is money or definitive correction begins.

Checking the “joints” of a roof – For flashing, gutters, pipes, and tile joints, you should check all waterproofing materials used, such as silicone, gutter seals, welds, rubbers, etc. For metal roofs, welding between metal surfaces is more efficient than silicone or gutter sealing when sealing these joints. In the case of clay / ceramic or asbestos / similar tiles, it is ideal to use a blanket in any kind of junction.

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