New Design Ideas About Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Even as the cabinet manufacturing industry continues to be dominated by traditional fashion trends, modern-style cabinet varieties are not falling short of making inroads to win hearts in the industry. Do you know that modern kitchen cabinets are expected to overtake the most popular traditional cabinets in terms of popularity this year?

Well, continue reading to learn everything about modern-style kitchen cabinets, including whether or not they can be a good idea for you.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Explained

As of the end of last year, modern kitchen cabinets ranked highly among top-performing cabinetry designs. Indeed, many people admire modern-style cupboard varieties for various reasons, most of which go beyond the obvious.

But generally speaking, modern cabinets mostly stand out courtesy of the following;

  • Functional Benefits

Modern kitchen cabinets, for example, the likes of flat panel and RTA kitchen cabinets, are exceedingly functional. These drawers are currently very famous within the kitchen interior design industry, thanks to the known fact that they are harmonious with not just modern but traditional kitchens as well.

Armed with the strongest and most durable material textures and finishes, modern cabinets typically boast outstanding practical values. Whether you opt for varieties marked by natural or artificial material finishes, you can bet on the fact that they will stand the test of time by withstanding tear and wear.

  • Accessibility

According to the opinions of various furniture makers and interior design specialists, one of the interesting reasons why modern-style cupboard designs are overtaking traditional cabinet models in terms of popularity is based on the fact that modern cabinet constructions are readily accessible.

Thanks to the fact that they are always available for sale on almost all online and offline cabinet-selling forums, modern-style cupboard designs are winning the hearts of many homeowners and interior design professionals alike.  

  • Versatility

Recent statistics show that modern kitchen cabinets are globally cherished mostly because they are versatile. This implies that they feature a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as finishes.

Therefore, if at any point in time, you decide to buy kitchen cabinets among modern-style cabinets, you are more likely to be bound to choose from lots of options as far as cabinet design features we have mentioned above are concerned.

Top 3 Modern Kitchen Cabinets

#3: RTA Kitchen Cabinets

If by any chance you are an average homeowner, RTA cabinets are of great significance to you. One of the most outstanding attributes of these modern cabinet designs is that they are very cheap. This is based on the fact that they are typically sold and delivered to buyers as parts rather than fully constructed cabinets.

The known truth is that you must install them after purchase. RTA cabinets stand out as attractive because they are not only versatile but also built to match the aesthetics of any kind of interior. 

#2: Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Modern-style natural wood cabinets are presently the most popular cabinet models among modern cabinet varieties. Considering that they are engineered from several hardwood species, these drawers prove versatile, especially in terms of material components and textures.

Some of the most well-known types of modern wood cabinets include the following;

  • Hickory kitchen cabinets
  • White oak cabinets
  • Modern-style distressed cabinets
  • Farmhouse-style modern kitchen cabinets

#1: Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are the most eye-catching cabinetries among modern cabinet designs. Typically, in terms of visual appearance, these iconic drawers feature a variety of color white, from pure white to pearl, taupe, eggshell white and much more.

When it comes to styling options; white-stained modern kitchen cabinets more often, feature metallic-based fixtures as well as high-end material finishes, for example, glass and ceramics, all of which do well to elevate their overall visual outlooks.

How to Work with Modern Kitchen Cabinets

While they seem sophisticated, especially in terms of visual design features, modern cabinets are not complicated to deal with. As we already mentioned, they boast the potential to rhyme with the visual aesthetic features of several interiors, including classic-fashioned interiors.  

Presently, some of the proven strategies for working with modern kitchen cabinets in interior design include the following;

  • Incorporation of Multiple Colors or Shades

In any kind of kitchen in which you have fixed modern-style cabinets, you must try incorporating varying shades to enhance color contrast. Thanks to the fact that the majority of modern kitchen cupboard models are more often colored, incorporating a variety of colors in a kitchen in which they proudly feature proves worthwhile.

However, you must consider the following before choosing colors to work with;

  • The color of your modern cabinets
  • The overall size and outlook of the kitchen in which you aim to install modern cabinets
  • The degree to which your preferred colors prove accessible
  • Incorporation of Bare Wood Material Finishes

Do you know that you can effortlessly enhance the appearance of any modern kitchen cabinet model simply by pairing their shades with a variety of bare wood material finishes and textures?  Have you seen the image of modern white cabinets in an interior with dark wooden floors?

From oak to maple, teak, and hickory hardwood finishes, there are so many bare wood material textures that you can choose to work with if you decide to pair modern kitchen cabinets with bare wood finishes.

  • Regular Maintenance

Modern cabinets can only work well for the interior design aesthetics of an interior if they are well maintained. If you fail to service them as regularly as possible, they can end up ageing faster and seem out of place inside your kitchen, regardless of how much you try to improve their outlooks.

The good news for you is that when it comes to maintenance, modern-style cupboards are outstanding. Thanks to their distinguishable material properties, they don’t give in easily to the tear and wear.

Final Thoughts

Like it or not, modern kitchen cabinets are winning the hearts of several homeowners. These statement-making drawer designs are considered functional, durable, and very accessible in interior design circles. You can get yours conveniently by visiting any credible cabinet-selling platform, online or offline.

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