5 Hacks To Make Your Floor More Attractive

Floors play a vital role to class up your home. There are different types of floors which are suitable for different kinds of households. Many times even if a floor fulfills their motive they fail to provide a classy and attractive look. There are different types of colors and styles that are available in the market. They cannot be kept in pristine condition as they were at the time of purchase. They start to look old over time due to which they look less appealing over time. There are ways by which a person can make their floor look attractive. If you were surfing the internet for this reason then luckily you have landed on the right page. This article will guide you through 5 hacks to make your floor more attractive.

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Color Your Floor

One must be tired of seeing the same flooring again and again. But changing the whole floor might take a huge chunk from your monthly salary. Coloring your floor is one of the best methods to make your floor more attractive. There are many vinyl floor decals that are available in the market which provide an easy method by just peeling and sticking it. This provides a great new look which makes the floor more appealing and attractive.

Give A New Look With Paint

Floors without any doubt can be expensive to refinish. Due to this reason, an intelligent approach is suggested. One shall paint them as it gives them a new look and that too at low expense. One can simply use the help of stencils to decorate the floor. One should sand the area that shall be painted to eases the whole process. One can even use the chalk to transform your floor. You can go for carpet compare online for making a wise decision.

Use Of Canola Oil For Scratches

There can be lots of scratches when floors are concerned. One should not discard them or waste money replacing them but instead should remove them. One can use canola oil for its removal. It is recommended to mix one part of vinegar with the two parts of canola oil. One can simply use a cloth to wipe off the areas where the scratches are.

Use Black Tea To Clean Floors

It has been sent that besides scratches, many times the floor itself isn’t clean. There are marks and stains theta are different from scratches and aren’t removed easily. It is recommended to gather four tea bags and one should boil them in a quarter of water. One should wait for the bag to steep as long as possible. The more you wait, the better it would clean. However if one has a lighter color floor then he should steep it for less time. One should use the cloth to wipe the solution against the floor to clean the floor to make it look attractive.

Iron Dents To Fix Them

There might be some scenarios in which a person might have dropped any heavy item which might have caused a dent on the floor. This might look weird and not appealing at all. To make it attractive one should undo the dents. One can simply do this by ironing the area where the dent is and placing a damped cloth on it. One can see shocking results which would make the floor much more appealing and attractive. To narrow down the choices go for carpet compare online.

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