What is Septic Tank System? How Does it Work?

A septic tank system is an underground wastewater treatment structure made of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass through which household wastewater flows for the basic treatment. They are widely used in rural areas where there’s no centralized sewer system. Anaerobic and settling processes reduce organics and solids, but the efficiency of the treatment is only moderate. 

It is a type of simple on-site sewage facility. Septic systems use a combination of proven technology and nature to treat wastewater from domestic plumbing produced by kitchen drains, laundry, and bathrooms.

 Septic Tank System

How Does it Work?

A traditional septic system is comprised of a septic tank, a soil absorption field, and a drain field. The tank separates floatable matter, organic matter, and solid from the household wastewater. Systems that are soil-based discharge the liquid from the tank into multiple perforated pipes hidden in a leach field, and other chambers to slowly release the waste liquid into the soil.

Other systems employ gravity or pumps to help effluent trickle through organic matter, sand, and constructed wetlands to neutralize or remove pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorus, disease-causing pathogens, and other dangerous contaminants. Some septic systems are designed in a way that they disinfect or evaporate wastewater before it is released into the soil.

Where to Find Best Septic Tank Services?

Thanks to a huge rivalry in the market, finding the best septic cleaning company can be tough. Always look for an experienced and trusted septic tank cleaning contractor. Make sure they are a full-service company. The following are the most common services offered by a professional septic tank cleaning company: septic tank inspection, septic tank riser installation, septic tank pumping, grease trap pumping, and septic tank locating service. 

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